Product View Conversion Orders / Product View Percent Available in the Products reports only, the percentage of product views that results in an order.
Abandoned Cart Adds - Orders Numeric How many cart additions did not result in an order? Effective at a product level as well as a site level
Abandoned Rate 1 - (Orders / Cart Adds) Percent What percentage of people put something in their cart and then don’t buy? This can be very interesting at a product level.
Abandoned Revenue (Revenue / Orders) * (Cart Adds - Orders) Currency What is the general amount of revenue that has been abandoned? Revenue is based on the value of the average order.
Custom Evar Conversion Rate Orders / Instances Percent In a custom Evar report, what percentages of instances (of setting the variable) resulted in an order? For example when setting a custom Evar upon internal search, what percentage of the time when people search on this keywords does it result in an order?
Campaign Conversion Rate Orders / Click Throughts Percent Available in the Campaign reports. What percentage of clickthroughs result in an order? Can be used with ANY success event. For example, when using Event 1 for registrations, Event 1 / Clickthroughts would give you the percentage of campaign clickthroughs that resulted in a registration.
Revenue per "Action" Revenue / Instances Currency In an Evar report, when that Evar is set when someone clicks on something (like an internal promotion or specific navigation), this will show the amount of revenue that was a direct result.
Average Item Value Revenue / Units Currency What is the average revenue per item purchased?
Event to Event Ratio Event 2 / Event 1 Percent What is the percentage of Custom Event 1’s that resulted in a Custom Event 2? For example, if you have a sign-in that may lead to a download, and they were set to Event 1 and Event 2, respectively, you could see downloads PER sign-in.
"Unrounded" Revenue Revenue Currency with 2 decimal places Revenue by default rounds to the dollar in Site Catalyst. If you want to see Revenue to the cent, create a calculated metrics with 2 decimal places.

The calculated metrics name is your choice. The name listed here is only meant as a suggestion. The actual name should be something that makes the most sense to you and other Site Catalyst users.