Although this part has less to do with what you will be doing as a technical consulting, it is good for you to know how these variables works. Again keep in mind that the s.campaign variable acts just as a custom variable (discussed next)

When someone lands on your site having clicked on a banner (for example), you want to be able to assign credit to the banner when they convert. However, the conversion might not happen on the same visit. Therefore, you need to be able to assign this credit across visits. Site Catalyst can do this. Here is an example of the value flow in a situation like the one just described.

Sample s.campaign variable usage:
    Cross-visit success assignment.

      {Initial entry from a banner} ->
      {Campaign landing page: s.campaign=”bn_yahoo_123”} ->
      {browse page 1, page 2, page 3} ->
      {Shopping Cart:”asAdd”} ->
      Exit site (Set bookmark)} ->
      {Enter Site via bookmark} -> {
      Checkout:”scCheckout”} ->

1. User click in from a banner, goes to many pages and exits without buying.
2. User comes back later (days later) to finish the purchase process. Do we credit the banner?

As you can see here, when someone lands on the page, you DON’T have to worry about perpetuating that value across pages. Site Catalyst will hold it for a given period of time, even days later, to give credit for purchasing (or other conversion activity) to the banner that was originally clicked.

The Site Catalyst Admin at your company will usually decide in and set the proper settings. The settings are easily accessible in the Admin console, and credit can be given for any period of time, and can be given to the most recent campaign clicked or the first one that was clicked.

The difference between an internal promotional (or campaign) and an external campaigns is placement of the campaigns. An internal promotion drives traffic to one part of your Web site from another par of your Web site, or is a “call to action” of some kind. An external promotion drives traffic from another source completely outside of your Web site.

Thought internal and external promotions are similar, they should be tracked differently. Internal promotions should be tracked with a custom conversion variable and external promotions should be tracked with the campaign variable. If you were to assign both to the campaign variable, the internal value would be overwrite the external value when it is passed. By coding them into different variables, the internal and external will be tracked separately and won’t compete for the conversion.