JavaScript Plug-ins are small programs that work together with the JS file to increase functionality and add special features that are otherwise unavailable. The plug-ins are optionally added to the JS. file. The plug-ins are typically called from the s_doPl-usings functions. Omniture does not include all the plug-ins by default. Instead, the plug-ins are added on an as-needed basic. The plug-ins are one means by which you can manipulate your data. There are several plug-ins available, and the list is constantly growing as new functionality is created. Please contact your Omniture Account Manager to discuss the available plug-ins, especially those that are commonly used in your industry. Some of the available plug-ins are listed in the table below:

cookieCombiningUtility Combines all cookie set by the JavaScript file into either a session or persistent cookie. Recommended when plugins use multiple cookies.
detectFlash Detects the version of Adobe Flash installed on the browser.
dynamicallyAssignObjectIDs Assigns on s_objectID value to each link on the page. Used when extremely long URLs cause ClickMap to be inaccurate.
formAnalysis The FormAnalysis Plug-in tracks the use of forms on your site.
getAndPersistValue getAndPersistValue is used to force a value to be set in a variable on every page for ‘e’ days or until the end of the session.
getCookieCount getCookieCount can be used to report on the number of cookies in use on your site.
getCookieSize getCookieSize returns the URL encoded size of the cookie string (document.cookie) in bytes.
getPBP (Popup Blocker Detection) The Popup Blocker Detection Plug-in determines the number of visits where a popup blocker is enabled or disabled.
getQueryParam getQueryParam returns the value of the query string parameter found in the current URL.
getTimeToComplete Returns the time it takes to get from one point to another on the site, for example, for quote to purchase.
getValOnce getValOnce is used to force a variable to be populated only once with a single session or time period.
pageName pageName assigns a dynamic page to your Web page.
trackGAS (Google AdSense) Tracks when Google Ad Sense links are click on a site.
trackYahooStores Used to track purchases on Yahoo Stores pages.

JavaScript plug-ins are typically called by the doPlugin function in the JS file, which is executed when the t() function is called in the Code to Paste. Because the t() function is placed at the bottom of the code to paste. If you set a variable in the doPlugings function, you may overwrite a variable you have set on the HTML page.

The only time the doPlugins function is not called is when the usePlugins variable is set to “false.” The doPlugins function is display as follows (assuming you have H code) in your Site Catalyst .JS file (s_code.js).

      /* Plugin Config */
      function s_doPlugins(s)
            /* Add calls to plugins here */