Code validation ensures that variable configuration for the following variables actually supports business requirements.

  • Configure Variables.
  • Traffic Variables.
  • Conversion Variables.
  • Custom Links.
  • Correlations.
NOTE: A black Debugger may indicate that the page was tagged incorrectly or the page cannot load the Site Catalyst JavaScript include file.
Viewing reports for accuracy is usually accomplished by the business manager/analyst, but can also be done by a technical consultant, as long as you know where the reports are in Site Catalyst that show the results of the code.

To check reporting accuracy, log in Site Catalyst and view the data in the reports. Some of the more important and “telling” reports would include:
  • Conversion events (order, revenue, custom events).
  • Products (where applicable).
  • Tracking codes.
  • Referrers (verify only external sites and pages).
  • Custom Evar and Custom Insight (traffic) reports.
  • Page name and Site Section names.
  • Other pages, check domains in internal URL filters.
Also check following data points and make sure they are measured to within 2-3% of what your in-house systems report:
  • Data points.
  • Orders.
  • Events.
  • Page Views.
Omniture expects traffic/conversion discrepancies of 1-5% (typical variable rate the Web), but an image request placed higher on the page will be the more accurate. The following issues may affect accuracy:
  • Privacy utilities (see white paper) generally only affect third-party cookie implementations.
  • Dial-up slows load times.
  • Code that is placed higher on the page will measure more data.
  • Code that is placed lower on the page will measure visitors who loaded the whole page.
  • Implementation problems or issues: bad chars or formatting, other JavaScript errors, page or JS file doesn’t load.
Consult Omniture Live Support for advice on what to check and how to verify metrics.

You may also into discrepancies with the Conversion Report. If this occurs, check any of the following:
  • Test orders may be capture bu Site Catalyst and not by your commerce system.
  • purchaseID variable not used.
  • Customer service orders not captured by Site Catalyst.
  • Order number not unique.
  • purchaseID value exceed 20 character limit.
  • Time zone differences between SIte Catalyst and back-end system.
  • Duplicate orders capture by Site Catalyst are removed in back-end system.