Businesses today are rapidly adopting a new class of online marketing applications designed to enrich the customer experience and drive new customer acquisition and loyalty. To maximize their investment, companies are seeking to integrate their marketing applications with Omniture Site Catalyst, the fastest growing on-demand web analytics solution.

This integration make all the applications smarter by increasing their ability to: 1. Target the most meaningful customer segments. 2. Take relevant action in real time to engage customers. 3. Consolidate measurement and optimize around virtually any qualitative or quantitative success metrics such as: leads, order size, revenue, profitability or behavioral scenarios.

  • Understand the concepts behind Omniture Genesis.
  • Walk through a Genesis wizard.
  • Identify the different screens and features of Genesis.
Omniture Genesis is a plug-and-play application designed to reduce complexity and increase marketing ROI by automating the integration of marketing tools into Omniture Online Business Optimization platform.

Omniture Genesis guides marketers through interactive, best-practice “wizards” that automate the integration of the marketing environment into one standard view. This will not only save time previously spent trying to manually connect these programs but will also help marketers consolidate measurement and reporting, identify and target the most meaningful customer segments and take the most relevant actions to optimize customer engagement and loyalty.

1. Interactive Drag and Drop Interface State-of-the-art user experience to visually map your online marketing ecosystem.
2. Wizard-based Integration Easy-to-use, prebuilt integrations automate proven best practices without the need for IT involvement.
3. Online Marketing Performance Dashboards Cross-channel, cross-application dashboards that provide you with a holistic view needed to measure performance and optimize campaigns across the marketing mix.
4. Bi-Directional Information Exchange Automated synchronization between Omniture and accredited partner solutions ensure your entire online marketing ecosystem works in harmony.
5. Accredited Partner Networking In-product catalog of Accredited Application Partners is available to help you quickly plan your online marketing initiatives around proven solution.

Setting up the integration between Site Catalyst and your partner just became mush easier. The first step is to go to the Genesis tab in Site Catalyst. From this Genesis home page, you will be able to see that there are several Accredited Genesis Partners. The can be listed alphabetically, by popularity or by category. Find the Partner with whom you are integrating, then simply drag it over to the Site Catalyst backbone to get started. This will launch the wizard that is specific to that Partner so that you can enter the necessary information for integration (e.g., username, passwords, account number, etc.).

When the wizard opens, you will be able to find information about the integration, including
  • Executive overview and prerequisites.
  • Free document explaining the fees associated with this integration.
  • Documentation specific to that integration.
Each partner integration wizard has documentation specific to that integration.

After authorizing, select the Next button to move into the Wizard. From there you will be asked for information about the account that it is integrating with, including usernames, passwords account numbers, etc. You will also be able to configure Site Catalyst variable to hold information from your integration partner. This configuration will also allow re-marketing information to be sent back to you.

Once you are done with the wizard, the partner icon will be plugged into the Site Catalyst backbone on the main page. You will also be able to see all of your partner integrations in the Genesis Network List at the bottom of the main page. You can even have multiple integrations per integration partner, so each integration will have a name that belongs to the integration itself.

Omniture has partnered with the leading technology providers across many categories to provide unparalleled online marketing value to its customers, With the extensive and growing list of Accredited Application Partner integrations, marketers will merely need to choose from a list of their existing vendors. For marketers not yet using additional technologies, Omniture Genesis includes a Partner Showcase with information about vendors, applications and the benefits of integration. Marketers can also suggest companies with whom Omniture should partner. Now you have a say in the online marketing landscape.