As we identify the different segments that are interesting to us, we will need to determine how best to use Omniture products, tools and features to get us the answer that we seek. Therefore the question that we should always come back to is

      “What do you want to know?”

Once we are acquainted Omniture products, tools, and features, answering this question will help us determine which tools to use to gain needed information and use it to optimize our site and marketing.

We will discuss many segmentation tools, including the following:

  • Classifications.
  • VISTA.
  • Data Warehouse.
  • ASI Reporting Suites.
Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages, which vary by situation. Understanding each tool’s capabilities will help us select which to use.

1. Identify Segments of Interest - Whether creating a page, visit or visitor segment, we first identify what segment we want to look at and what we want to know about them (see the $64,000 question above).

2. Determine Tool Availability - Once we identified our segment, we use our question of “What do we want to know?” to determine which tool to use. We must then also determine if that tool or feature is available to us. Foe example, if determine that using Omniture Discover is the best option, do we have access to it?

3. Verify that the Segment Can Be Referenced - In many cases, our segment of interest is unique to our site or at least to our space. This means that it might not be a standard report in Site Catalyst, and we will want to use a custom report. For example, we may want to segment on age of our visitors, but how are we going to know that? Do they register and give us their age? Do we ask them in a survey? We must be able to reference the segment if it is not already available in Site Catalyst.

Identifying Segmentation: An Example
Suppose we have an electronic retail site on the Web. As stated in our callout, if we have multiple levels of hierarchy for our pages, we probably will be interested in how much traffic goes to the different sections of our site. Foe example, does the Electronic section get more or less traffic than out Video, Audio or Speakers section? In the Electronic section, are people going to Computer pages or Television pages more often? There are page-based segments and are common questions for those analyzing type of site.