Validation and troubleshooting are important parts of the implementation process because they ensure that you have properly configure and implemented Site Catalyst. You can use Omniture’s process to solve any implementation issues.

  • Learn possible pitfalls that can occur during implementation.
  • Learn how to avoid pitfalls.
  • Engage in hands-on practice with the JavaScript Debugger.
  • Become aware of other troubleshooting considerations.
The Site Catalyst implementation process has many facets. As such, validation and troubleshooting are important in order to ensure that you have properly implemented Site Catalyst. This section discusses the Omniture deployment validation process and offers some troubleshooting tools and considerations.

The validation process is part of large process and is made up of several action items, including the following:

Corporate Standards
It is very important that you think globally when you strat to implement Site Catalyst. Event if you are only a small part of a global environment, you must communicate with the right people from other departments and sections to create an implementation plan that can be mirrored throughout the enterprise. For example, if your company will have many report suites, and you plan on using Rollups or Multi-suite Tagging to obtain totals, make sure that everyone puts the same kind of data in the same variable. This will keep global reports meaningful and clear, rather than a hodgepodge of different values and formats.

Deployment Validation
This will be discussed throughout this section. You must validate that the code is picking up the right values, and also that the reports are showing those values.

Implementation Acceptance
You also need to compare Site Catalyst reports with your backend numbers (such as conversion numbers for revenue, orders, registrations, etc) to make sure that everything is working properly. If there is a substantial difference between what Site Catalyst reports and what you expect, then troubleshooting is in order. In addition, you can also audit your site to verify that the code exists on all the pages, and that the right variables and events are being called in the right places. If you are interested, Omniture partners can help you audit your site. Contact an Omniture Support Representative for more details.

Omniture offers the JabaScript Debugger as the primary tool to check the code for errors. The Debugger is briefly explained here; refer to the JavaScript Debugger white papers for detailed information.

Finally the troubleshooting section offers information on typical problems, including the top file implementation problems that you may encounter. In addition to these, it also offers solutions to problems such as variable and unique value limitations, case sensitivity issues, etc. By understanding these potential pitfalls, you are more likely to implement SIte Catalyst successfully.