Up to this point, we have reviewed the basic variable and functions for collection both traffic and conversion data. The power of Site Catalyst enables the collected data to be modified with additional tools and features, some of which are directly in the Site Catalyst interface. Each of the additional features is defined in the following table.

This first table provides a list and explanation of the configuration variables that can be set in the global JavaScript file on your site.
s_account The s_account variable determines the report suite where data will be stored and reported in Site Catalyst.
currencyCode The currencyCode variable is used to identify the currency type that you are passing in through the code to Site Catalyst.
charSet Site Catalyst uses the charSet variable to translate the character set of the Web page into UTF-8.
trackDownloadLinks Set trackDownloadLinks to ‘True’ if you would like to track links to downloadable files on your site. If trackDownloadLinks is ‘true’ linkDownloadFileTypes is used to determine which links are downloadable files.
trackExternalLinks if trackExternalLinks is ‘true’ linkInternalFilters and linkExternalFilters are used to determine whether any link clicked is an exit link.
trackInlineStats The trackInlineStats variable determines whether ClickMap data is gathered or not.
linkDownloadFileTypes The linkDownloadFileTypes variable is acomma-separated list of file extensions. If your site contains links to files with any of these extensions, the URLs of these links will appear in the File Downloads Report.
linkInternalFilters The linkInternalFilters variable is used to determine which links on your site are exit links. It is a comma-separated list of filters that represent the links that are part of the site.
linkLeaveQueryString By default, query strings are excluded from all Site Catalyst reports. The linkLeaveQueryString variable determines whether or not the query string should be included on Exit Links and Download Links.
linkTrackVars linkTrackVars is a comma-separated list of variables that will be set with custom, exit and download links. If linkTrackVars is set to “ ” al variables that have values will be sent with link data.
linkTrackEvents linkTrackEvents is a comma-separated list of variables that may be sent with a custom, exit, or download links. If an event is not in linkTrackEvents, then it will not be sent to Site Catalyst, event if it is populated in the onClick event of a link.
In addition to these configuration variable, Omniture offers other tools and features for modifying and customizing data. Some of these options are offered directly through the Site Catalyst interface, while others require input from Omniture.