On occasion students will feel bewildered at the number of different tools and features that Site Catalyst has and the questions arises “When do I use this and when do I use that?” The following is a good reference to help answer that question. Review this list in preparation for designing your action plan in the next section.

Dy-to-day analysis of all Web site data with strong delivery tools - Most people’s main analysis tool.


  • Day-to-day site analysis (Commerce, Traffic, Paths, Target Reports).
  • Especially Path reports.
  • Pre-defined breakdowns (Correlation & Sub Relations).
  • Trended report view.
  • Custom data in reports (s.props, eVars, Classification).
  • Report delivery tools (Downloads, Bookmarks, and Dashboards).
  • All real-time (from JavaScript code on page).
Use Site Catalyst When...
1. You are making your daily reports.
2. You want reports delivered to you or others.
3. You want to understand the traffic that comes to your site.
4. You want to understand how visitors path through your site.
5. You want to understand what affected conversion on your site.

Segments can be analyzed using reports within a report suite or by having that segment in its own Report Suite. Here are some highlights regarding the latter.

  • Full and independent reporting in a segment.
  • Ongoing, real-time reports.
  • Full Site Catalyst functionality for that segment (including Discover and Data Warehouse).
  • Splitting segments to separate Report Suites may necessitate Multi-Suite tagging, which carries a hefty price tag.
Use a Separate Standard Report Suite When
1. You need all of the Site Catalyst reports for a site or segment.
2. You need real-time reporting for said site or segment.
3. You have a team of people analyzing only that site or segment, and they don’t want to have to wade through other people’s data.
4. You want the people analyzing that segment to see data for ONLY that segment.

Direct link between Site Catalyst and Excel, allowing more control over custom dashboard-type documents.

  • Customizable layout.
  • Combine data from different report suites.
  • Direct link to Site Catalyst data (not Data Warehouse).
  • Extended Dashboard style report views.
  • Refresh from within Excel.
  • Use Excel formatting, functions and graphs.
  • No Pathing Reports.
Use the Excel Client Integration When ...
1. You want to customize a dashboard beyond what Site Catalyst offers.
2. You want to combine data from different reports.
3. You want to combine data from different reports in different Report Suites.
4. You want to combine Site Catalyst data with other systems’ data and deliver it in Excel format.