Real-time server-side data manipulation can set or change any variables for you based on data coming into Site Catalyst.


  • Real time, rule-based segmentation.
  • Segment based on any http header info (real time).
  • Use to concatenate or “explode” values to different variables.
  • Segment data into different Report Suites.
  • Fill variables based on unlimited number of rules.
Use VISTA When ...
1. It’s easier for Site Catalyst to set a variable (e.g, header info).
2. You want to keep your page light.
3. You can’t change page code (yet).

Metadata-type reports that allow you to “slice and dice” your data into any custom groupings.

  • Describe attributes of any variable to create a new report based on that attribute (size, color, etc.).
  • Classification become reports.
  • Unlimited number of free reports to organize and group existing variables.
  • Completely retroactive to the “real” variable.
  • Not populated in real time (must upload “lookup table, document).
Use Classification When ...
1. You have a high number of unique values that are hard to consume.
2. You have hard-to-understand values in a reports, like IDs.
3. You can place your values into logic groups.
4. You want to see which “kinds” performed well.
5. You have a hierarchy of values that need analysis.

The upload and download tool for Classification data.

  • You want to upload or download Classification data.
  • You don’t want to add one Campaign Tracking Code at time.
  • You want to automate the upload of hierarchical categories of a product or other variable.
Omniture’s Search Engine Marketing bid management tool, which seamlessly integrates with Site Catalyst to provide complete on your PPC keyword campaigns.

  • Separate product (from Site Catalyst).
  • Manage keywords across multiple search engines and multiple accounts.
  • Unprecedented breakdown of Campaign dimensions for Site success.
  • Manage keywords in Search Center interface or in Excel integration.
  • Track ROAS (return on Ad Spend) from impression through to conversion.
  • Automate bid management of keywords based on Site or Search Engine metrics.
Use Search Center When ...
1. You want to automate your bid management process.
2. You want to spend your money on the RIGHT keywords.
3. You want to manage all you PPC campaigns in one interface.
4. You want to maximize your ROAS.
5. You spend ANY money on Search Marketing.