Site Catalyst is the foundational product for the Omniture Online Business Optimization Platform. It provides you with actionable, real-time intelligence regarding your online strategies and marketing initiatives. It also helps you quickly identify the most profitable paths through your Web site, where visitors are dropping off, what's driving critical success events, and how different segments of visitors interact with your Web site.

  • Real-time data to make timely decisions
  • A quick snapshot of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your online efforts in a reader-friendly dashboard
  • Automatic alerts anytime a KPI moves to a dangerous or impressive level
  • One place to measure, analyze and optimize all of your online and multi-channel initiatives

Omniture Releases SiteCatalyst 14

firefox Omniture recently released SiteCatalyst 14, a major new version of the industry’s leading Web analytics solution. Now, SiteCatalyst not only shares data with all Omniture applications, but also features a single sign-on and unified product interface to simplify access across applications. Additionally, it includes expanded capabilities for measuring and analysing the performance of video, rich and streaming media information and content. SiteCatalyst allows virtually any technology using the Internet to measure, including Web sites, IPTV, iPhones and mobile devices, cable boxes, game boxes and other Internet connected devices.

Enhanced Video, Rich and Streaming Media Measurement
SiteCatalyst 14 measures video, rich and streaming media to help marketers understand which videos are most engaging, which ones lead to conversion, and how much video is consumed on a site. SiteCatalyst 14 includes native support for Adobe Flex 2 and Flash 9 as well as support for Windows Media Player, QuickTime and RealPlayer.

Additional Features
SiteCatalyst 14 also introduces a completely redesigned user interface to help customers quickly find, act on and share their marketing data and analysis. With SiteCatalyst 14, customers can also publish and distribute high-quality visual reports and quickly search and navigate any part of SiteCatalyst for data, reports or help from Omniture and its community of users.

Publish and Distribute Enhanced Visual Reports
Users can now choose from a variety of reporting formats including PDF, Excel, Word and HTML formats for downloading and sharing throughout their organization. SiteCatalyst 14 offers simplified workflow for downloading and scheduling reports, creating bookmarks, and setting up alerts.

Quickly Search, Navigate and Access Information
The redesigned interface in SiteCatalyst 14 helps users navigate more easily, accomplishing many tasks with a single click. Users can quickly search on virtually every aspect of the product including user data, reports, templates, whitepapers, case studies, the knowledge base and help.

Omniture Brings Real-Time Analytics To iPhone
Omniture is extending its SiteCatalyst measurement tool to native iPhone applications, enabling developers and marketers to gain insight on how users are interacting with their iPhone apps, based on real-time information. This should allow them not only to improve the user experience based on analytics, but also make adjustement necessary to generate more revenue by enhancing ad clicks, purchasing and increasing page views.

The new offer, which is basically an extension of its existing SiteCatalyst solution, is called App Measurement for iPhone and will be generally available as from January 2009. To our knowledge this is the first analytics program specifically designed for native iPhone applications, but it’s safe to say other providers will soon follow suit with similar offerings.

Why switch from 13.5 to v14
Here is quick snapshot below of the changes you can expect in v14.3, which launches on Thursday January 8, 2009.

Limited Administrator Permissioning:

  • This feature will give you the ability to grant limited admin rights to any user or group.
  • This access will only be available in v14.3 and will not transfer to previous versions.
New and improved video tracking
  • New data collection capabilities: Ability to track videos multiple times per video, every 10 seconds for instance or at percentage milestones.
  • Video views and video visits are now viewable hourly - previously daily was the smallest breakdown.
  • New smooth graph option: Video Segments Viewed Report only.
Improved Mobile Reporting
  • Ability to add correlations and subrelations.
Improved Scheduled Reports
  • Ability to re-run failed reports right from the scheduled report manager.
  • Changes o advanced scheduler: More intuitive layout of the advanced delivery options menus.
  • Ability to append report date range to filename.
  • Improved rendering of downloaded/delivered Excel reports: Eliminating extra columns or misplaced column headers or mis-formatted graphs, as seen previously in v14.
  • Improved Dashboard Reportlet Formatting: The extensive whitespace beneath reportlets will no longer be present if converted to v14.3. You’ll be able to view your conversion before committing to the change.
Improved Web Services API
  • Added new dimensions and metrics for mobile and video reporting.
  • Added new method called "Report.GetStatus" which allows you to check the status of a report request without spending an API token to do so.
SiteCatalyst Integrations
  • Test and Target campaigns now understand SiteCatalyst metrics. This gives you the ability to leverage existing SiteCatalyst variables to determine T&T success. Gives you the ability to measure the success of T&T campaigns through SiteCatalyst KPIs and also to subrelate T&T campaign and recipe data with SiteCatalyst conversion variables. Conversely, you can also subrelate SiteCatalyst reports with T&T campaign and recipe data.
  • Ability to compare Omniture survey data with SiteCatalyst data to get a more complete view of the customer.

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