Test and Target Operations

  • Test & Target Terminology.
  • How Test & Target Works.
  • Campaign Setup.
  • Create Offers.
  • Create A/B Campaigns.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Reports and Monitoring.
  • Multivariate Campaigns.
  • Segments, Targeting, Steps, and Recommendations.
  • Reference Metrics.
Test & Target Terminology
  • mBox.
  • offer.
  • recipe.
  • conversion.
  • campaign.
  • An mbox is:
  • a region on your Web page where you can swap content for visitors.
  • a means of logging visitor behavior in real-time.
Any mbox may ...
  • display or log behavior.
  • or both.
  • or neither.
... as you choose.

mbox flexibility
  • Single mbox.
  • Several mboxes on a page.
  • Whole page sized mbox.
  • Mbox around a table, cell, paragraph or list.
  • An offer is content that is display in an mbox.
  • An offer can be an image, html, flash, an entire page or even dynamic content, anything found on a website.
  • Offers can be hosted on your server, Test & Target's server, or a third-party server.
  • Recipes determine which offers are displayed in which mboxes.
  • Use recipes to create different visitor experiences to test against each other.
Conversion is a specific action that visitors perform on your website, which you will use as the performance metrics for the test.

examples are:
  • completing an application.
  • purchasing.
  • registering.
  • clicking through.
conversion mbox
  • Landing --> other pages --> confirmation page. Place conversion mbox.
  • Select any mbox as your conversion mbox.
common locations for conversion mboxes
  • form completion page.
  • order confirmation page.
  • sing-up confirmation page.